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Software Development

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We handle a variety of tasks including customized software solutions that benefits your business. Whatever is your business goal; whichever is your industry, our customized software solutions work to achieve the goal of your company. We persevere to set new standards with in-house solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction with an efficient and functional software. Our customized software revolves around the principle of “functionality with simplicity.”

Our skilled professionals at Infinitas create customized softwares that take into consideration the acquisition and retention system of an organization. Our customized software solutions help you tap into your customers’ requirement. This results in the creation of a software solution that does serious work. And the work helps in taking your company forward, in making a mark, and leaving your competitors behind.

Some of our in-house solutions are:

eCase – A cloud based case management software designed specifically for the Malaysian Law firms.

myContest – An online contest & gamification engine.

vConference – An online virtual AGM, virtual meetings and conference solution.


Our approach to software development consulting has always been one of discovery and collaboration; our consultants will understand you and your strategies for growth for the present and long-term goals of your company. They’ll support you in defining what your software must do and what it must not do.

The software development consultancy process is an in-depth conversation to realise the full potential and value of software in your business. We offer a professional service designed to assist businesses in the best use of technology through objective advice, recommendations and expertise. By following this process, organisations are enabled to achieve their business goals and to develop sound strategies for success.

Our software consultants have the technical and business knowledge to understand business processes, those which work and those which need to change. They have the communications skills to express technical concepts to corporate and non-technical audiences. With the vision to translate those concepts into growth strategies, we will work closely with you to transform those strategies into successful projects.

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